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Behind the Brand

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My goal is to let people know it is okay to ask for help; It actually shows how strong you are.  I want Forever Fighting clothing to reach people and give them hope and strength. I want everyone to know they are loved and cared for. Mental struggles are NORMAL and OKAY. When supporting me, a $3 donation will be given to a local mental health organization for each purchase. Your Forever Fighting clothing purchase will help them in their missions. In addition, wearing this clothing could reach a stranger that could use a smile.

My Story:
I live with anxiety and depression. The isolation of Covid-19 quarantine had an impact on my mental health. By June 2021 my depression was weighing me down. Shortly after, I lost my teammate and friend to suicide. I never thought I would go a day without crying and I pushed all of my friends and family away. My depression wanted me to believe I would be better off taking my life. Thankfully my extraordinary friends and family got me the help I needed. I can now proudly say that I am feeling healthy and happy again. 

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